Sajal Gupta November 22, 2023

Top 11 Business Management Tips for Startups and SMBs

Good business management skills are unskippable for startups and small- and medium- businesses.  The reason?  Proper business management skills help businesses stay present in the competition and innovate methods to overcome challenges arising out of market fluctuations. Sudden inflation, swerve shifts in market trends, and even political scenarios can influence business growth. The sad reality […]

Anubha Choudhary November 9, 2023

Leadership Vs Management: Understanding the Difference and Maintaining a Balance

In the realm of business and organizational management, leadership and management play distinct yet vital roles. They each possess unique qualities, often leading to debates about which is more important. However, the truth is that understanding the differences between leadership and management and knowing how to effectively combine both is crucial for success. In this […]

Vivek Sadh October 28, 2023

Top 11 Ways to Build a Conducive Remote Work Culture Within Your Organization

The fully remote and hybrid work models have gained global acceptance among the majority of employees, emerging as popular workstyles. This trend is underscored by the positive sentiment of employees working remotely worldwide. A study conducted among Microsoft employees revealed that 90% of remote workers appreciate the flexibility that remote work culture adds to their […]

Ashish Goel October 13, 2023

Essential Remote Work Equipment: Best Practices & More

Could you have imagined a world where everyone works from the confines of their room, even the giants of tech like the ‘Big Five’? The pandemic, which we are steadily overcoming, sent shockwaves not only through organizations but also among the workforce, turning into a daunting nightmare. Nevertheless, with time, remote work brought solace to […]

Neeraj Kumar July 26, 2023

How to Overcome Resource Allocation Challenges

Resource allocation is a crucial part of project management as the manager is responsible for distributing tasks accurately and strategically to employees so the project can be delivered on time. Although it seems like a super easy task, it requires a lot of calculative skills and planning to put everything in the right place for […]