September 13, 2023

So many professional workers complain about downright loss of productivity at the workplace even after an ample count of work hours. Predominant reasons are unmanaged tasks and time, common consequences of not prioritizing task management. 

According to stats by the Wall Street Journal Report, office workers waste 40% of their work day because they were never taught organizing skills to cope with increasing demands and workload. 

Before we dive into how to manage tasks and time at work for more productivity, let’s understand what task management is to start with.  

What is task management and why is it important?

Task management is a productive practice that allows a manager to dedicate adequate time to each task at hand. It includes prioritizing tasks and completing projects within a defined timeframe. Streamlining tasks and managing work hours is a skill to master and should be known to every professional. 

Task management is important because it leads to better work-life balance, peace, and saving time. It prevents overwhelming situations where an unmanaged workload leads to emotional drain and compromised health. Managing objectives and goals facilitates an adequate work-life balance, ultimately sparing time for personal growth and self-reflection. 

Effective strategies to manage tasks at the workplace

Start with smaller tasks

Smaller tasks are easier to complete and occupy less time, leading to less clutter and more time for harder tasks.

Focus on one task at a time

Multitasking is an unproductive practice. Handling many tasks at once leads to burnout and exhaustion. According to the University of Michigan, multitaskers have 20%- 40% less productivity. 

Stick to your schedule

Creating a schedule is a fine strategy to kill tasks but sticking to the schedule is always more essential. 

Set realistic deadlines

Having a determined deadline is a smart technique to convince the mind to complete the task anyhow. 

Breaks big tasks into smaller

Tasks harder to achieve can be broken into smaller tasks to complete without getting intimidated. 

Set reminders

Reminders are helpful to put you back on the productive track and avoid time drainage. 

What is KonarkPro?

KonarkPro is an advanced time tracker with smart diverse features that allow managers and administrators to effectively operate their resources and monitor their performance.  

An efficient time management tool like KonarkPro is essential to track remote and hybrid work cultures. It aids in enhancing productivity, managing time effortlessly, and enlightening workers on their performance. 

How KonarkPro help you streamline tasks?

KonarkPro is equipped with multiple features, assisting in the holistic management of staff. 

Automatic time-tracking

Automatic time tracking enables the software to detect the movement of the keypad and mouse. Additionally, the app is powered with smart sensing technology that starts or stops the timer based on the activity. 

Real-time productivity

The software is powered with advanced features, such as performance insights and analytics that allow users or managers to analyze real-time productivity. 


Embracing insights and analytics of a user’s performance through in-depth reports is the key feature of KonarkPro. These helpful insights are important to reflect on the performance that can nurture more improvement.

Smart HR management

From wishing birthdays and anniversaries to supervising leaves, KonarkPro provides a rich database of comprehensive information on employees. Online employee attendance tracking, shift scheduling, regularization, and invoice management with automated sheets, KonarkPro is efficient in supervising teams and resources. 

Remote & hybrid 

The at-home, far-flung environment usually lacks an atmosphere conducive to focused work due to numerous distractions. A smart time tracker like KonarkPro can glue your concentration to the timer, motivating you to focus on completing tasks. 

Project billing

Project billing includes cost tracking, invoice generation, billing rates, time tracking, reporting, and payment terms that collectively determine the project costs. KonarkPro reduces errors subjected to manual negligence while meticulously calculating the bills of a project. 

The importance of staying organized and enhancing mental peace with Konarkpro

An organized environment minimizes chaos at work, which in turn has a positive influence on an individual’s personal life. Additionally, efficient workload management facilitates improved decision-making and cultivates a calm mental state, thereby enhancing productivity and achievements.

Furthermore, integrating KonarkPro into your work routine can be instrumental in achieving this balance. KonarkPro’s streamlined task management not only reduces organizational stress but also nurtures a sense of mental peace.


Does working without a time tracker affect productivity?

Yes, working without planning affects productivity as people unintentionally dedicate more time to a less important task and vice versa. A time tracker reminds us about projects and the deadlines of assignments to catch.

Is KonarkPro an easy-to-use app?

KonarkPro is a simple-to-use app that has a variety of features. An individual can take advantage of multiple intelligent features of KonarkPro without any professional tutorial or manual.