Accurate time, activity, and cost tracking for outsourced business services

KonarkPro maximizes your profitability by eliminating time and errors associated with manual timesheets and gives you reliable timesheet data for invoicing

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No more last-minute rush to collect billable hours

Manually collecting timesheet data from multiple forms and sources for payroll and invoicing can be a real pain for BPOs and outsourcing companies. KonarkPro enables you to effortlessly oversee offshore teams and track hours and work for smooth operations.

Simplified time tracking and invoicing for outsourcing companies

Reliable timesheets

Effortlessly track project hours and employee contributions on a user-friendly dashboard. Empower your outsourced teams with precise time tracking for improved productivity.

Fast and accurate invoices

Boost trust and profitability for your business with automatic time tracking that guarantees precise timesheets and reports, leaving no room for last-minute rushes or manual billing errors.

Maximize team productivity up 10% to 20%

Stay informed with activity reports for optimal results. Review work progress to ensure process compliance and offer targeted feedback for continuous improvement.