Manage Your Outsourcing Teams Remotely & Increase Productivity

Automate your workforce through Employee Monitoring Software

Actively track and engage with teams globally
  • Track the time spent on various projects
  • Know the efficiency of your team remotely
  • Clock-in and out for daily time records
  • Get easily notified for idle and offline time
In-depth insights to increase the overall team productivity
  • Boost your company’s performance & growth
  • Check your team’s workflow – Hybrid & Remote
  • Bring workload balance, transparency and accountability
  • Identify areas of improvement & address the issues
Automated performance reports delivered directly to your email
  • Get detailed performance reports for each user
  • Export project data to monitor daily activities
  • Access Konark dashboard to generate invoices
  • No need for manual timesheet preparation
The new-age HR tool to oversee & optimise your teams globally
  • Online employee attendance tracking
  • Shift scheduling for efficient task management
  • Integrate our advance leave portal
  • Attendance regularization requests and approvals
Only time-tracker you need to manage the hybrid & remote teams
  • Administer company’s workforce without much hassle
  • Visualise your team’s workflow regardless of location
  • Pinpoint the distraction areas to establish policies
  • Use Konark Analytics to track team’s performance

Why do you need Konark for your team?

Best time-tracking software to manage your business

No More Forgotten Tasks

Konark keeps track of every activity in real-time. With Konark as your companion, all those seemingly minor tasks your team is likely to forget, become visible and traceable. Prioritize and process important tasks with smart shift scheduling.

Empowering Productivity

Utilize the Konark dashboard for real-time analytics and to oversee team’s activities, url, app and document tracking. Kickstart Konark desktop monitoring tool to see its endless potential and set up internal access levels to track teams.

Proof of work

Identify & address various gaps with automatically captured screenshots

Improved project management

Optimise your project planning through accurate estimates and resources

Project & Revenue Tracking

Allocate budgeting for each project. With advanced data and visuals from Konark Analytics, revenue tracking has never been so easy.

Avoid needless overstaffing

Increase your team’s productivity upto 90% in and get rid of overstaffing on projects.

Real-time estimate alerts

Get instant alerts when a project has reached an estimated number of hours.

Supports multiple operating systems

Easy to install on all major Operating Systems