Neeraj Kumar July 26, 2023

How to Overcome Resource Allocation Challenges

Resource allocation is a crucial part of project management as the manager is responsible for distributing tasks accurately and strategically to employees so the project can be delivered on time. Although it seems like a super easy task, it requires a lot of calculative skills and planning to put everything in the right place for […]

Neeraj Kumar January 12, 2023

A Day in the Life of a Project Manager

Explaining what project managers do on a daily basis is not as simple as it appears. They have a variety of tasks to complete in a day, ranging from taking updates from team members to updating clients while managing their own work. Project managers’ jobs can be exhausting, but it is also rewarding when the […]

Neeraj Kumar June 30, 2022

Why You Need to Outsource Business Process Documentation: Importance and Tips of Outsourcing

Processing documents is at the heart of every business. As the world is now working remotely and the trend of freelancing is picking up, business processes need to be carefully and efficiently documented. A recent study by Future Market Insights shows that the sale of document management software will surpass $11 billion by 2028. Business process documentation […]

Neeraj Kumar April 26, 2022

Setting Priorities Using The ABCDE Method

“Desire dedicates our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions.” – Dallin H.Oaks We often hear about defining objectives and making to-do lists in our workplace. But the majority of employees waste their time procrastinating and performing unimportant tasks. According to Joseph Ferrari, a psychology professor at DePaul University, leading researcher on the subject, […]

Neeraj Kumar February 14, 2022

Things Nobody Tells You About Working Remotely

Have you ever been stuck on a snow-covered road with loads of files and a laptop in your hands, waiting for an Uber? If yes, then chances are high that you have fanaticized about working remotely. The thought of working in your pj’s while sipping hot coffee feels like a dream, doesn’t it? However, working […]

Neeraj Kumar January 4, 2022

Best Remote Work Tools and Software to Use in 2022

Do you think remote work is here to stay? Let’s take a look at some statistics: According to FlexJobs’ annual survey, 58% of respondents want to be full-time remote employees post-pandemic, while 39% want a hybrid work environment. In total, 97% of employees desire some form of remote work. Upwork’s 2020 Future Workforce Pulse Report estimates that 36.2 […]