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March 29, 2023

Samantha is working as the head of the human resource department at an IT organization. She is responsible for finding suitable candidates for the company, calling and attending multiple interviews, and managing employees’ payroll, and attendance.

Over the past few days, Samantha often felt overwhelmed by the tasks she needs to complete. With her company expanding day by day, the great responsibility of managing piles of paperwork and hiring new employees left her with a constant fear of falling behind.

Before the pandemic, Samantha’s job was to create a healthy work-life environment for employees and manage their attendance and payrolls. But, after the pandemic, her workload doubled. Now, she is required to keep track of employees’ working hours and attendance using different free remote tools available online.

The sudden shift in the work dynamics left a significant impact on Samanta’s working schedule and pattern. Soon, she started to notice the struggle to stay on top of her tasks due to being constantly preoccupied with work and phone calls. She also began to skip her meals or multitask on several occasions to save time. After realizing the need for better time management in her role as an HR professional, Samantha decided to seek out solutions that would make her job easier and more efficient. But despite her determination, she was unsure of where to begin.

After doing some research on different time tracking tools available in the market, she stumbled upon KonarkPro

For the next whole month, she tried the 30-day free trial of KonarkPro to check how it works and whether it would be a good fit for her team.

While using KonarkPro, Samantha discovered its advanced features and the different benefits that it provides, making it an invaluable tool for her professional needs. Some of the benefits that she liked the most were:

  • Automatic time tracking
  • Increased productivity of employees with better time management
  • Automated timesheets and reports
  • Smart HR management features, such as online employee attendance, and automated payrolls, among others
  • Clear workflow for employees

She didn’t know that using a time tracker like KonarkPro could bring such change into her work life. Now, she was able to plan her tasks better, be productive throughout the day, and achieve a better work-life balance.

Samantha could not wait to share her experience with the higher management and her team members. After the trial period ended, she prepared a detailed report on how KonarkPro could be beneficial for the company and its employees and discussed it during the next team meeting.

The discussion piqued the interest of the higher management to try the software themselves. Observing their eagerness, Samantha suggested trying the free trial for a few days.

During the trial period, the productivity level went high and the workflow remained consistent. Some of the employees even got appreciation from clients for completing their projects before the deadline.

So, once the free trial period ended, they became even more sure than before to renew their subscription.

A few months passed by but Samantha was still praised by her colleagues and management for introducing KonarkPro. As for her, her professional life couldn’t be any better.

Do you also wish to be like Samantha and her team?

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