Facilitate flexible work for your hybrid teams

KonarkPro ensures your teams are focused wherever they work with accurate time tracking and productivity features

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A centralized place to manage your team’s work process

With a hybrid team split between remote and office setups, tracking attendance, work progress, and productivity becomes a real challenge. KonarkPro streamlines your team's activities in one place, making the management of dispersed work processes a breeze.

Non-intrusive time tracking and reporting for your hybrid workforce

Attendance management simplified

KonarkPro makes attendance tracking effortless by automatically recording work start and finish times the moment your employees start and end the tracker.

Measure productivity wherever your staff works

With accurate and employee-friendly time and activity tracking, you can set performance benchmarks, improve processes and productivity, while breaking down barriers.

Real-time dashboards and custom reports

From tracking your team's work and whereabouts to fixing productivity hiccups wherever they occur, empower your hybrid staff with flexible scheduling and real-time reporting.