January 19, 2024

If you are a project manager with a workforce, you might have realized how crucial it is to timely deliver projects without burning your team out. 

That’s when time management enters into the picture. For those who don’t know about the term, and ask, why is time tracking important, time management is a working behavior that allows an implementer to accomplish their tasks on time and stay ahead of deadlines. Since missing deadlines is the biggest impediment to achieving big targets and optimizing in-hand resources, it is essential for every worker, from a manager to an employee to manage their work hours. 

Time management has become so pivotal for the business world that its presence is being more felt with the commercialization of digital time trackers. The endless time-tracking advantages are accelerating the time-tracking software industry. Coming out as an effective and efficient time management tool, digital time trackers are stealing the limelight and fostering an incredible time-driven culture in the business world.  

But first, let’s discuss briefly what is their present status about time software as a full-fledged industry. 

Time Trackers and a Sudden Surge in Their Popularity 

Did you know?

The global time-tracking software market is predicted to increase with a CAGR of 15.5% to reach US$ 12.3 billion by the end of 2033 according to Global Market Insights

Factors that highly contribute to this abrupt surge in their production are remote work trends, gig economy growth, employee productivity monitoring, work-life balance, compliance and regulations, digital transformation, and more focus on time management and productivity levels. 

The above stats imply that by approximately 2030, the majority of organizations will start using time trackers as a viable tool to monitor and leverage the productivity of their workforce.

In this article, we will discuss an emerging time-tracking tool, KonarkPro, that is effortlessly resolving time management issues in organizations of varying sizes.

KonarkPro and Its Comprehensive Features

KonarkPro is an intuitive, automated, and comprehensive key tracking software that is eagerly improving the overall efficiency of organizations by tracking employees’ time along with providing insights about their performance. 

Being a complete project management suite along with an efficient time tracking tool it manages and records activities like progress, assignees, schedules, productivity, and summaries. These can be later analyzed conveniently by project managers and executives without bludgeoning their daily tasks. 

Benefits of Time Tracking

Here are some benefits of using KonarkPro as a business tracking software.

Automatic Time Tracking Benefits for Seamless Tracking 

Earlier it was an arduous task to keep count of every individual’s work hours. And most of the time it was possible to manipulate the hours manually. But KonarkPro resolves this long-pending issue for managers. 

The automatic time tracker is highly efficient in sensing minor keyboard and touchpad activities and records time accordingly. For instance, when a user is engaged with work, the time is added in real-time and when they are disengaged, the time is recorded separately. KonarkPro is highly resistant to mis-engineering, maintaining the workplace’s integrity throughout the monitoring process. 

Productivity Measuring to Analyze Work Performance

KonarkPro measures productivity by identifying actual productive hours and inefficiency gaps. It enlightens project managers on their employees’ performance through summarized reports and detailed metrics. As a project manager, you can unlock real-time insights into employees’ productivity, monitor their key responsibility areas, and identify the pitches for improvements. 

Summary Reports That Provide Deep Workforce Insights

KonarkPro generates visually engaging, comprehensive, customizable, and easy-to-export reports on productivity. These reports and analyses showcase details about productive and unproductive hours, monthly targets achieved, and the overall performance of employees. Summarized reports help in recognizing the team’s work pattern and tailoring future project plans. 

Managing Remote and Hybrid Teams Effortlessly

Monitoring Remote and hybrid professional lifestyles poses severe challenges for project managers due to increased distance and hindered communication. But KonarkPro, provides splendid features, like capturing screenshots, tracking log-in and -out, productivity insights, informative dashboards, and an overall performance overview to help project managers supervise both hybrid and remote teams effortlessly. 

Oversee Project Progress and Individual Contribution

The project budget tracking feature helps oversee project expenses, and budget utilization, useful for optimizing costs and resources. Furthermore, coherent collaboration enables seamless team connectivity to conquer pre-defined goals. It promotes effective resource management and maintains an optimized resource allocation for successfully accomplishing projects. KonarkPro provides 360-degree data-driven information to managers and empowers them to control resources and task allocation for holistic project accomplishment. 

Screen Tracking to Monitor Work Behavior

Screen monitoring helps enhance project management and increase productivity seamlessly. Screen tracking gives insights into work behavior by monitoring the screens of employees. KonarkPro regularly captures screenshots to allow managers to see if they are engaged in unethical or valueless activities. However, it may be projected as micromanagement, monitoring an employee’s work ethic is equally significant. 

How KonarkPro Streamlines Time Management for Employees?

KonarkPro empowers managers to streamline and boost the productivity of the workforce by filling the gaps between high potential and inefficiencies. Insightful conclusions and summaries help managers analyze their team’s productivity and assist their learning and growth as professionals. 

Let’s understand, why time tracking is important, and how KonarkPro streamlines time management for professionals.

Identifying Time-Wasting Activities

Managers can implement strategies to correct productivity drains, such as visiting irrelevant websites or focusing on tasks that are not valuable to the organizations. KonarkPro helps managers identify unproductive behavior and productivity sinks to help the workforce achieve the epitome of productivity.  

Calculating Employees’ Offscreen Time

KonarkPro helps managers and C-level executives calculate and analyze their employees’ offscreen time. It allows the company to assess the employee commitment toward the long-term goals and visions of the organization. 

Planning Projects

Project budget and scope, resource and risk management, collaboration, stakeholder, and productive resource management are integral components of project management. KonarkPro assists managers in completing projects in a streamlined manner and promises a smooth structure for planning. 

Balancing Workload 

It might not be wrong to say that serenity and mindfulness play an instrumental role in time management and high productivity. Analyzing project achievements and lags in performance is a great medium to understand the swerves and slumps in productivity. 

KonarkPro encourages a balanced workload that prevents burnout and restocks working potential. It creates a seamless balance between mental and physical well-being and fosters a relaxed mindset.

Monitoring Log-in and Out

KonarkPro helps the workforce adhere to stringent professionalism in an organization. Late log-ins show a lack of accountability toward project accomplishment. KonarkPro helps in monitoring employees’ daily schedules and imposing a standard corporate culture. It cultivates a more consistent business environment and sustains industrial standards. 

Managing Remote and Hybrid Employees

KonarkPro was developed to manage remote and hybrid employees in the wake of the pandemic. Where coherence and collaboration with distant and remote teams are challenging, KonarkPro offers a brilliant solution for monitoring remote and hybrid teams by attaining real-time visibility, analyzing productivity, and client billing & invoicing.

Final Thoughts

With the vast pool of utility features, KonarkPro helps project managers turn around the agility of their enterprise. It leverages organizational resources and streamlines operational workflow to achieve soaring productivity through intelligent time management. 


What are some tested time management strategies?  

Pomodoro technique, Eisenhower Tower, and Eat the Frog are some tried and tested time management strategies used by professionals worldwide. 

How does a business maintain a good workflow? 

A business must identify the domains where it must improve and create a more streamlined arrangement. Furthermore, businesses should promote the utilization of advanced tools like KonarkPro that leverage the usual 8-9 work hours of an employee.