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Regular updates about teammates
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How do the
KonarkPro Reports work?

Timely updates about your projects

Be aware of the day-to-day progress of all your projects. If the deadlines are being met or if any project is consuming more time than expected. Find and fix instantly with the power of KonarkPro’s descriptive reports.

Resource and expenditure reports

With KonarkPro, you can keep track of all the expenses and finance associated with a project. Also, get useful information about resource management and allocation. Spend only where it is needed and maximize.

Daily login and logoff time reports

Know when your teammates are starting the day and when they are done with it. Get time reports for transparency to meet your deadlines every single time. KonarkPro also enables you for easy invoice preparation.

Why are businesses using Insightful
KonarkPro Reports?
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What else does KonarkPro have to offer?

Automated Time Tracking

  • Get notified for idle hours with real-time notifications
  • Manage resources and visualize your team’s work
  • Figure out time leaks and solve them instantly

Custom Leave Portal

  • Decide and execute your company’s leave policy
  • Easy payment with software-driven invoices
  • Allot leaves and find the alternatives smartly

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