Ashish Goel May 16, 2024

KonarkPro Vs. Time Doctor: What Sets It Apart as a Time-Tracking Solution?

With virtual time trackers flooding up like ocean waves, businesses find it challenging to select the most appropriate one that suits their organizational environment and safeguards their employees’ privacy.  As businesses evolve in terms of infrastructure, staff size, and competitive demands, the need to keep a precise account of employees’ schedules and how they spend […]

Ashish Goel October 13, 2023

Essential Remote Work Equipment: Best Practices & More

Could you have imagined a world where everyone works from the confines of their room, even the giants of tech like the ‘Big Five’? The pandemic, which we are steadily overcoming, sent shockwaves not only through organizations but also among the workforce, turning into a daunting nightmare. Nevertheless, with time, remote work brought solace to […]

Ashish Goel February 22, 2023

5 Ways to Successfully Conduct Virtual Meetings

With the current trend of remote/hybrid work, businesses are highly reliant on virtual meetings to connect with their colleagues and clients. According to Small Business Trends,  83% of employees spend up to one-third of their work week in video meetings. At the beginning of the remote/hybrid work era, virtual meetings used to be unexplored and awkward […]

Ashish Goel December 12, 2022

Top 8 Hybrid Team Tools to Look out for in 2023

How can you make sure that your employees are productive during work hours? Keeping track of a hybrid/remote team is not as easy as it seems. They demand constant communication, evaluation, collaboration, and more to manage them effectively. At the same time, team members should be aware of their roles and what is expected of […]

Ashish Goel May 2, 2022

Remote Work: Burden or Relief? Listing The Pros and Cons

The global Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the concept of remote working. People currently foresee remote work as the future of the workplace beyond 2020. Many people believe that working remotely benefits the workplace culture, yet others disagree. According to Gartner’s research, about 70% of the employees wish to work remotely. 25 big companies including Meta, Spotify, and Twitter […]