December 29, 2021

Did you know that the US economy loses 50 million hrs. in productivity per day because of unrecorded work activities? (Market Research Future, 2020)

For us, unproductivity was one of our biggest challenges to working remotely. The sudden shift from working from our desks to working from our beds is what led to this.

Let’s first introduce ourselves.

Who are we?

Jellyfish Technologies is a team of technologists, engineers, designers, and strategists who work together to build intelligently engineered and connected platforms and solutions. We started our journey back in 2011, and in these last 10 years, we have built 200+ applications and have served clients in over 15+ countries.

What are we talking about?

Remember 2020? Well, who wouldn’t remember it?

It was no doubt one of the worst years of our lives

The sudden spread of the deadly COVID-19 forced us to stay locked up inside our homes. Schools, universities, offices were shut down, markets were closed, and streets were empty.

All of the sudden, everything took an unexpected turn and it was the same for our company. Once the government notified us to stop operating from our offices, we switched to remote working. Though this sudden change in our work culture didn’t seem so hard at first, the tension started to build up as the days passed by.

Unproductivity, time management, delayed project completion were just a few of the challenges we faced during this period. And we are not just talking about team members here but also their project managers.

When asked by our project managers about the various challenges they faced during remote work, Mr. Neeraj Kumar listed real-time tracking of resources, their allocation, and creating timesheets for clients as the most difficult tasks to perform when working remotely. Whereas for Mr. Shreyash Kushwaha, pattern analysis of work activities and task-based tracking were amongst the biggest challenges.

KonarkPro: A project manager’s best friend

After doing a deep analysis of the challenges faced by our company during remote working, our management team knew they needed to come up with a solution. After having a few brainstorming sessions with the development team, the idea of creating a time tracking software struck their minds, thereby marking the beginning of KonarkPro.

Wondering how KonarkPro solved all the problems faced by our project managers?

Let’s discuss the problems and KonarkPro’s solutions for them in brief.

1. Real-time tracking of resources


Before remote work was introduced in our work culture, project managers were required to arrange regular check-in meetings with employees. These meetings covered different topics, such as what project an employee is currently working on, his daily progress, and estimated completion date, among other things. Using this collected information, project managers had to maintain employees’ task records.

Once remote working was introduced, project managers could no longer conduct in-person meetings, whereas virtual meetings provided no real-time tracking of the tasks performed by employees. This led to deadline extensions and decreased productivity.


With the help of KonarkPro’s features like real-time tracking , screenshots, Play Pause graph, and timesheets, project managers could maintain the log history of the tasks performed by every employee. Moreover, they could also create a workflow and reallocate resources based on the work performance of individual employees.

2. Resource planning


While working remotely, project managers had a hard time identifying the root cause behind deadline extension and overuse of resources in a project.


Pattern analysis of employees’ working activities through KonarkPro allowed project managers to identify the employees who took more time than required to complete a project. Once discovering the reason behind the delay, project managers could replan the whole strategy, reallocate resources or even add more resources to achieve better results.

3. Timesheet for clients


Earlier, project managers were required to prepare a manual timesheet for every project using Microsoft Excel for clients. But when working remotely, they had no reliable resource to calculate the total hours spent on a project to create timesheets.


With features like automatic timesheets and real-time tracking, project managers were no longer required to maintain manual timesheets. Instead, they just needed to download log history filled by employees in KonarkPro daily.

Wrapping Up

These are just a few of the solutions that KonarkPro provided for our project managers. If you would like to read more About UsPro and its benefits, stay tuned for our upcoming blogs.

We will see you soon! Au Revoir!