December 12, 2022

How can you make sure that your employees are productive during work hours?

Keeping track of a hybrid/remote team is not as easy as it seems. They demand constant communication, evaluation, collaboration, and more to manage them effectively.

At the same time, team members should be aware of their roles and what is expected of them to perform their duties productively.

Here’s a list of some of the top hybrid tools that will help you manage your remote/hybrid employees and keep them productive throughout the day.

Let’s dig in!

01. Asana:

Asana is a highly effective project management tool for remote and hybrid teams. It allows managers to easily develop workflows for teams and different projects. It notifies the team about the tasks they need to complete for the day, so they don’t miss any deadlines. The software also helps managers to see what the employees are doing and their daily progress.

Furthermore, Asana can be integrated with 200+ tools to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate work in one place, from start to finish.

02. Miro:

Miro is a digitized form of brainstorming which helps teams to map customer journeys or plan a marketing campaign with all the team members involved.

This tool helps team members to share ideas with each other and keep them safely stored so that no great idea would be misplaced.

Miro keeps everyone on the same page with no one missing an important piece of information.

03. Google Workspace (formally G-Suite):

Google Workspace enables teams to upload their work such as documents, presentations, and spreadsheets to the cloud and easily share them with one another.

The workspace also streamlines the hybrid productivity tech stack with solutions like emailing, video conferencing, chatting, storing, and creating or collecting survey data.

Google Workspace also allows team members to easily communicate and collaborate via the tool.

04. KonarkPro:

KonarkPro is a time management tool that enables hybrid/remote employees to keep track of their time. It helps them to manage their working hours and stay productive for a longer period.

Furthermore, with features like automated timesheets, an HR team can keep track of employees’ work hours and accordingly create payrolls.

05. ProofHub:

Proofhub is one of the best tools for collaboration and project management in a hybrid mode. It allows team members to communicate efficiently with each other and stay on the same page.

ProofHub also enables team members to organize and prepare their workflows, assign tasks with deadlines, review progress, and provide feedback.

06. Teamwork:

Teamwork helps in managing remote/hybrid teams by providing features, such as time tracking, task management, resource management, and communication.

It assists the team members in remaining organized and productive throughout the project.

Teamwork has its own in-house video calling and chat feature, allowing teams to effectively communicate and collaborate.

07. Status Hero:

Status Hero is a collaborative tool that enables effective asynchronous communication, team management, delivery predictability, and team task clarity.

Additionally, It provides a real-time activity stream and time zone awareness that keeps everyone in the loop, no matter where they are.

Status Hero also generates detailed reports on employee attendance, productivity, and advancement.

08. Calendly:

Calendly offers some of the most user-friendly solutions for meeting scheduling. It simplifies the process by allowing employees to share and access each other schedules for effective and fast scheduling.

Furthermore, employees don’t have to look for or send emails to schedule meetings because Calendly does it for them.

Calendly also integrates with Google Calendar, Zoom, Webex, and Slack, among other platforms.


With remote and hybrid teams growing, choosing the right tool to help your team be effective and highly productive, has become crucial.

Take note of the above tools and choose according to your employee or business needs.

Using them will not only help your employees but will also provide you with improved results.