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August 7, 2023

Charles Darwin once said, “A man who dares to waste one hour of life has not discovered the value of life”. This quote tells us how valuable time is and any moments that are spent ineffectively are hours wasted on an individual’s potential. Our lives are ruled by time, a precious and limited resource we’re always chasing. We often find ourselves rushing to finish our to-do list, trying to beat the clock and wishing there were more hours in the day. What if I told you that it is possible to outrun time itself? We can’t physically change time, but we can use it more skillfully and effectively.  

Did you know? A recent time management data report shows that employees spend around 51% of their day performing no-value tasks. That is why it is crucial to put in place methods that allow individuals to manage their time to their highest capacity. This blog will discuss some powerful time management strategies and methods that’ll take your productivity, balance, and fulfillment to a whole new level.

Listed below are a few time management strategies and techniques that can help you excel in your day-to-day life.

5 strategies to improve your time management


1. Set priorities: The Zeigarnik Effect boosts your prioritization game 

Identifying priorities for your work is the first step to using your time wisely. Start by listing the essential tasks that must be done, both now and in the future. Make a to-do list or use a powerful time management strategy like “Eat the Frog” to keep track of things and break them down into smaller, more doable tasks. 

Every individual has used a to-do list or something remotely close to it at least once, but do you know why they can be so effective? A scientific concept called the Zeigarnik Effect is a great model to show how to-do lists can alter the way that the brain performs as it works to organize and complete the tasks you listed. According to this concept, an individual’s memory will hold onto information about a task better up to the point at which it is finished if they have the intent or need to do it, such as by writing it down on a to-do list. By making these lists you can identify specific priorities, as well as establish the foundation for upcoming tasks while also achieving organizational excellence.   

Using this time management strategy of setting priorities, you can concentrate on the things that are most important while avoiding spending time on unimportant tasks.

2. Block out distractions 

Distractions are common in today’s digital world. Our work can be disrupted by social media, notifications, and even the buzzing of our phones. According to data from April of 2023, the average time a person spends on social media per day is 2 hours and 24 minutes, which is the highest number to be recorded so far. 

Determining your primary sources of distraction and taking action to reduce them is a way to use your time productively. Always think about disabling pointless notifications, establishing particular hours for reviewing emails and texts, and setting up an independent workspace where you are able to give your responsibilities all of your focus.

3. Utilize technology to your advantage

In the age of technology, there are countless productivity tools and apps designed to help manage time better. From task management apps and calendar tools to time-tracking software, find the ones that best suit your needs and integrate them into your routine. We should use technology to our advantage and use these time management tools to help us, rather than allowing it to be a distraction from our ability to manage our time. 

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4. Explore different techniques

The Pomodoro technique: This technique was developed by entrepreneur and developer Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. Cirillo understood that time might be used as an asset rather than a worry-inducing element. The Pomodoro Technique ultimately helps people to focus on tasks more efficiently by ensuring breaks for individuals to sustain their attention while performing their tasks. The technique assists people in overcoming their procrastination and multitasking tendencies, both of which are known to reduce productivity. 

The strategy basically involves having a to-do list and timer, setting the timer to work for 25-minute intervals while only focusing on a particular task, and taking a brief 5-minute break after each interval. Individuals have the ability to take a lengthier 15–30 minute rest if this has been completed four times.

Time-blocking: Time-blocking is a powerful technique used by successful individuals to maximize their productivity. Allocate specific blocks of time for different activities throughout the day, ensuring that each task has its dedicated time slot. This practice creates a sense of structure and helps you maintain focus on the task at hand. Moreover, time-blocking allows you to avoid procrastination and provides a clearer overview of how you’re spending your time.

5. Learn to say no

Even while we want to please everyone, accepting every request may cause us to become severely strained. For you to use your time wisely, you must learn to say no when it is required. Concentrate on your present responsibilities and kindly decline any new ones that might interfere with your capacity to stay focused on your primary goals. Do not forget that saying no is a method to save your time and energy for the things that are most important.


Time is a finite resource, but with the right mindset and techniques, you can learn to use it effectively and stay ahead of the clock. Create an organized schedule by prioritizing your tasks and embracing time-blocking approaches. To protect your time and focus, block out distractions and develop the ability to say no when it’s essential. Utilize technology to your advantage as you continue to learn and strive to become more productive.

Remember, using time effectively isn’t about rushing through life but about being intentional and mindful of how you spend each moment. By implementing the methods discussed in this blog, you can become the master of your time, allowing you to accomplish more, reduce stress, and ultimately enjoy a more fulfilling life. So, let’s start running faster than time, one step at a time.