November 11, 2022

Time management is a common challenge for BPO companies that specialize in numerous industries and offer different services.

If you are such a company and wish to include time tracking in your business operations, we have brought you the best guide.

In this article, we will talk about the different time tracking challenges faced by BPO companies, the importance and benefits of time tracking along with highly recommended time tracking tools for BPOs.

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Why is time tracking important for BPO companies?

BPO companies deal with various clients across different industries, such as IT, finance, and customer services, among others. This kind of business model requires an effective time management strategy to keep track of every project and increase productivity.

After the pandemic, employee burnout has become a serious problem in the corporate world. According to a recent survey by Deloitte, out of 1000 US employees, 77% of the employees have experienced burnout at their current job while 91% of the employees have an unmanageable amount of stress or frustration that negatively impacts the quality of their work.

Time-tracking software can be a big help in avoiding such situations. It can increase the productivity level of employees and can help them stay focused on their tasks while properly managing their time.

Employees who follow an effective time management strategy, experience low levels of stress, take rare sick days, stay productive for long hours and achieve their end goals.

Benefits of time tracking for BPO companies

01. Better time management:

Time tracking software gives a brief description of your time. It allows you to track the time you have spent on each project or task and increase productivity during working hours.

Using a time tracker can be highly beneficial for BPOs that deal with multiple clients and projects simultaneously. It would help their employees to manage their time and use their working hours effectively.

02. Performance insight:

Time tracking software gives a better insight into employee performance. Managers can easily identify the employees who are not productive enough and take measures accordingly.

03. Boost team efficiency:

Time tracking can help team members to increase their productivity and efficiency by saving time on repeated operations. It eliminates the manual process and automates repetitive tasks. It enables also team members to track project time and plan their schedules accordingly.

Integrating a time tracker will improve task management and allow teams to understand the time spent on each activity.

04. Track project progress:

For giant organizations like BPO companies, tracking the progress of ongoing projects can be a near-to-impossible task. But with the help of time tracking software, BPO companies can easily track the progress made in each project, and employees meet deadlines in the given time.

Time tracking software can also help in identifying the resources needed in ongoing projects and notify project managers of the same. Moreover, it can also provide accurate cost estimates and realistic project budgets.

05. Process payroll and billing:

Time tracking software provides BPOs with accurate data for processing payrolls and bills through automated timesheets. This saves hours of manual labor put in by HR teams and project managers and also increases transparency between the client and the company.

Potential challenges of time tracking for BPO companies

Busy with unproductive tasks:

If employees are not aware of the benefits of time tracking it may add to their anxieties. This will lead them to indulge themselves in unproductive tasks instead of focusing on important tasks. Their level of productivity will get worse and deadlines will be missed.

Therefore, companies should convey the importance of tracking time before introducing it to their teams.

Risk of micromanagement:

With the help of time tracking software, project managers can have access to detailed reports of every employee activity and may feel the urge to correct every tiny detail to achieve perfect results. This could potentially lead to micro-management.

The right way of using time tracking software is to increase the overall productivity of employees and teach them the right way of managing their time.

Risk of time theft:

If a company uses an old time tracking tool, employees can participate in time theft by manually entering working hours in an excel sheet or clocking in for a team member.

Companies should make sure that they use the latest time-tracking software with features that accurately collect data and track every activity of employees.

Top time tracking tools for BPOs

Time Doctor:

Time Doctor is a time tracking and time management software that automatically tracks employee activities and the time spent on projects. It develops a detailed productivity report and prepares payroll accordingly.


KonarkoPro is a time-tracking tool that helps employees to manage their time effectively. It increases the productivity of employees and keeps track of ongoing projects. It also manages the resources without much hassle and visualizes teams and their workflows.


Connecteam offers a time-tracking clock, remote employee management as well as project management solutions. It works on mobile devices and has GPS and geofencing features.


Time tracking may appear to be a watchdog, yet it can bring about a variety of beneficial changes in the workplace. Diversified businesses must provide effective and useful tools to team members, like time-tracking software, so that they may manage their time properly and boost productivity.

Use a time tracking software that suits your business operations to improve efficiency and discover what changes it brings to your operations.