December 26, 2022

Name one common thing that we all felt during remote work.

Is it loneliness?

According to a study by GALLUP, employees who exclusively worked from home reported a higher percentage of loneliness.

Although remote work benefited employees in terms of flexibility, savings, and productivity, at the same time, it affected their mental health. They mostly feel lonely and lethargic because of the seclusion from colleagues and social interaction.

As we all know, remote work is here to stay for a long time. Consequently, we must learn how to deal with remoteness and manage our time and workload effectively.

Let’s take a look at what remoteliness is and how employees can overcome the feeling.

What is remoteliness?

Remoteliness is feeling lonely when you are working from home. This is not a new concept as it has been there before the pandemic.

Despite the fact that many employees were already remote, the pandemic has increased their numbers, resulting in raised effects of remoteliness caused due to isolation and social distance.

According to a study by Buffer, 20% of remote workers cite loneliness as one of their biggest struggles.

Here are some signs of remoteliness that are found in employees, according to Flexjobs:

  1. Missed deadlines
  2. No employee input/opinion
  3. Lack of communication
  4. Less interaction
  5. Declined meetings
  6. Not interested in career development
Tips for overcoming remoteliness

Focus on your work goals:

The remote work environment is very different from the office environment. You might not feel as encouraged and motivated while at home as you used to be in the office. Working from home makes it difficult to focus on goals but it’s the most essential thing, you should give your attention to.

Keep your goal in mind and work on it every day. The motivation will come its way and you’ll feel productive and focused toward reaching that goal.

In the absence of an end-term goal, divide your day into short-term goals to remain engaged and productive.

Keep taking breaks:

Another important aspect of remote work is taking breaks. It refreshes and helps you gain the energy to start working again. Overwhelming yourself without taking breaks can affect your mental health and work efficiency.

Therefore, prepare a schedule before starting your day and keep short and long breaks in between to increase your productivity and improve work quality. Once you start following this practice, you’ll be amazed by the results and will notice the change yourself.

Use your freedom wisely:

Flexible working hours bring a lot of advantages for remote employees. Although, many try to misuse the opportunity and end up working for late hours while feeling overwhelmed.

Companies provide freedom to employees so they can be efficient. So make sure that you draw a balanced line between your work and personal life. Utilize your working hours effectively and do not binge-watch your favorite web series during those hours.

Schedule your time according to your productivity level and adjust your task and goals at your convenience. It will help you to stay motivated and finish more tasks.

Maintain a balance between your personal and professional life:

Maintaining a work-life balance is a crucial part of remote work. Although, many juggle to make time for their family and personal hobbies because of their overwhelming work schedules.

To create a fine line between personal and professional life, you need to maintain a strict schedule and follow it every day to make time for yourself and get more work done. A pre-planned schedule enables you to stay on track and be productive.

Remember to not make your life all about work. Plan activities for yourself and your family during and after working hours to maintain a healthy and happy relationship.

Stay creative by finding a hobby:

No matter how much you love your job, you should also have a hobby outside of work. It will help you prioritize yourself and your likings.

After the pandemic, there were many restrictions on physical activities, but as things have normalized now, you can do activities both from home and outdoors.

These activities might involve, learning a new language or taking an online course, it is up to you, how you want to be creative. You can share your learnings with people on social media or with your friends.

Remote work can be overwhelming if you don’t follow your interest or hobbies. Hence, make sure to prioritize yourself and your interests. It will make you happy and help in moving forward, no matter in what environment you are working.


Remoteliness is a new term that emerged during the pandemic and is still prevalent among many remote employees who are lonely.

The advantage of remote work is that you can direct your actions in the most efficient and straightforward manner if you desire. Follow the above tips to avoid remoteliness and make the most of your remote work environment.