December 24, 2021

Most people only have a vague idea of what goes on behind the scenes in the HR department.

In this blog, we will take you on a ride to give you an idea of the different challenges faced by our HR team due to the shift in work culture as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Let’s begin!

Who are we?

First, let us introduce ourselves to you.

Jellyfish Technologies is a team of technologists, engineers, designers, and strategists who work together to build intelligently engineered and connected platforms and solutions. We started our journey back in 2011, and in these last 10 years, we have built 200+ applications and have served clients in over 15+ countries.

Our HR team: The silent heroes

We have a highly qualified team of HRs working with us. They are the silent heroes who are responsible for running the reins of our company. But sometimes, heroes also face challenges.

Remote working: The biggest challenge of all

Once the offices were notified to shut down by the government, our HR team was quick to follow the guidelines and notify every employee about the remote working, though they were not aware of the various challenges that came with it.

Let’s go in the flashback and see how our HR team used to operate things before Covid 19 to get a better understanding of the situation.

Before Covid-19

According to Neeraj Sharma, an HR at Jellyfish Technologies, the HR team used to maintain the attendance manually in the beginning. They used to keep attendance registers and markdown attendances of every employee of our office.

Once our team grew, they switched to biometric technology and parallelly maintained manual records. Employees were required to punch in and out and their payrolls were created based on the same data.

He recalls, some of the challenges faced during this phrase:

  1. Maintaining the attendance registers and going through the records to create payrolls used to be a hectic and time-consuming task. It required more man force and had no space for errors, though it was done manually.
  2. During winters, biometric machines were unable to scan the fingerprints of employees.
  3. Whenever employees forgot to punch out, their working hours were not recorded in the biometric data. Though they were marked present, our HR team had no record of their total working hours.
  4. Editing the working hours in the biometric system involved many parties. Such as, in situations like an employee visiting someplace for any kind of company’s work, he was required to request approvals from their team lead, then the team lead was supposed to inform the HR about the approved request, who at last edits employees working hours in the biometric system.

During Covid-19

Once remote working was introduced in Jellyfish technologies, our employees were instructed to send out a message to the HR team, stating that they have started their work for the day and then again at the end of the day, stating their logout time.

This method only lasted for a few days as the whole messaging system provided no proof of the total working hours of employees. Some of them were working for almost 12-14 hours per day while some were barely working.

KonarkPro: The ultimate tool for HRs

Upon seeing the above challenges, our management team knew they needed to come up with a solution. After having a few brainstorming sessions with the development team, the idea of building a time-tracker software struck their minds, hence marking the beginning of KonarkPro.

Let’s go through some ways in which KonarkPro helped our HR team:

  1. The HR team was no longer required to maintain manual records of employees’ attendance. Employees were required to log in to their KonarkPro accounts, start their timers when starting work, and log out after completing their required work hours.
  2. They could keep track of the total working hours of each employee using KonarkPro automated timesheets, which ultimately helped process accurate payrolls.
  3. KonarkPro helped eliminate the manual communication regarding leaves and half-day requests between employees, project managers, and the HR team. Its automated timesheet kept a record of leaves, half days, periods away, and holidays.
  4. KonarkPro also helped the HR team to review employees’ performance for monthly appreciations or appraisal cycles.
Wrapping Up

These are just a few of the solutions that KonarkPro provided for our HR team. To read about some more challenges faced by the different JFT departments during remote work and KonarkPro’s solutions for them, stay tuned for the next blog.

We will see you soon! Au Revoir!