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How does KonarkPro’s
Screen Tracking work?

Frequently Random Screenshots

KonarkPro captures your teammates’ screen randomly and sends it to you instantly and ensures productivity during work hours. You can also set the randomization interval as it suits you for 5, 10, 15 minutes, or so on.

Maintaining The Privacy

KonarkPro only tracks your teammates’ screen during work hours, that is when they are successfully logged into the KonarkPro App. KonarkPro does not invade privacy or sends your data to any third party.

Detailed Activity Status

With KonarkPro, you can easily fetch detailed information about a user’s activity. What websites they visited, what work they did. Everything can be easily accessed now with KonarkPro’s powerful screen tracking.

Why are businesses using KonarkPro’s
Real-time Productivity?
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What else does KonarkPro have to offer?

Easy Project Billing

  • Accurate deadline & Budget estimations
  • Ensure communication between multiple teams
  • Resource management & allocation

Real-time Productivity Reports

  • Track & Increase Productivity in real-time
  • Be aware of daily reports with benchmarks
  • Figure out and resolve issues within the team

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