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Maintain a balance between
remote & hybrid teams

Allocate equal responsibility
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Maximize productivity with
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How does KonarkPro work
for Remote & Hybrid Teams?

Allocate Resources & Tasks

No need to juggle between remote and hybrid teams anymore. Designate the tasks as per the availability of team members while you ensure which project needs which resource and allocate the needful.

Validate Expected & User Hours

Monitor how much your remote and hybrid teams are working. In the KonarkPro dashboard, you can find the expected hours of work versus the work hours the teammate has given in a given time interval.

Screenshots For Transparency

KonarkPro takes random screenshots to make sure that your company’s time is well used. You can also set the randomization as per your preference. KonarkPro only captures the screen during work hours & respects privacy.

Why are businesses using KonarkPro for
Remote & Hybrid Teams?
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What else does KonarkPro have to offer?

Smart KonarkPro Reports

  • Get detailed performance reports for each user
  • Export project data to monitor daily activities
  • Figure out and resolve Productivity issues

Easy to make payments

  • Automatic clock-in & out record maintenance
  • Easy to make invoices with KonarkPro Timesheets
  • Identify idle time & manage payments accordingly

Manage Your Remote & Hybrid Teams

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Remote & Hybrid Team management with these
in-built features

Login & logout tracking

Smart to-do lists

Random screenshots

Productivity updates

Offscreen time-tracking

Resourceful dashboard