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How does the KonarkPro
Real-time Productivity work?

Keep track of a teammate’s activity

KonarkPro monitors how a teammate is working & records the work and break time to figure the aggregate productivity of an individual. You can access these activity records directly through the dashboard.

Analysis and update reports

KonarkPro Processes this data to produce proficiency reports with accurate productivity measurements. These reports can be fetched on a regular day-to-day basis for better strategy making and execution.

Alerts for inactivity and idle time

If a teammate is away, KonarkPro notifies the individual about the inactivity and reassigns the time. This feature helps maintain a continuous work streak and saves enough time to get the tasks done on time.

Why are businesses using KonarkPro’s Real-time
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What else does KonarkPro have to offer?

Automated Time Tracking

  • Get notified for idle hours with real-time notifications
  • Manage resources and visualize your team’s work
  • Figure out time leaks and solve them instantly

Easy to make payments

  • Automatic clock-in & out record maintenance
  • Easy invoicing with software-driven timesheets
  • Identify effective work hours for payroll processing

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