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How does KonarkPro’s
Project Billing Feature Work?

Task Allocation Made Simple

Managing a project with multiple tasks and dependencies might be a problem. With KonarkPro, this is now solved. You can now allocate tasks to your employees across multiple departments and ensure that no task is missed.

Smart Workflow Management

A project involving various teams can be smartly managed with KonarkPro. You can identify the workflow and plan accordingly. KonarkPro’s project billing feature enables you to manage the workflow of a project with minimum effort.

Easy Invoice & Payments

KonarkPro makes getting payments for projects that require hourly or daily payments convenient and software-driven. With automated timesheets, you can directly raise invoices and process them for payments.

Why are businesses using KonarkPro’s
Real-time Productivity?
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What else does KonarkPro have to offer?

Real-time Productivity Reports

  • Track & Increase Productivity in real-time
  • Be aware of daily reports with benchmarks
  • Figure out and resolve issues within the team

Monitor Growth with Screen Tracking

  • Get randomized screenshots to track progress
  • Be aware of the workflow and visualize it
  • Be notified about what your teammates are doing

Monitor Growth With Screen Tracking

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Detailed reports

Time tracking

Shift scheduling

Task management

Smart to-do lists

Project monitoring