Konark FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions? We've all the answers!

Q. Is it available on Windows?

Yes, it's available for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. You can download Konark for your team from here.

Q. Are there any free trials available?

You can contact our team here for a free trial. We will be happy to have you onboard.

Q. How does Konark track activity?

Using Konark to track activity is easy and quick. After setting up the workspace, client and project. Adding the user to the project enables them to use the desktop application. Using the desktop application, one can add the task for today and start the time tracking. The desktop application silently works and tracks your time. When found no activity the desktop application pauses the application with a notification and resumes the application once found again.

Q. Does Konark track location?

Currently the Konark desktop application does not track the location. Although our mobile application which is under development tracks the location based on the task requirement.

Q. How often does Konark take screenshots?

Currently, Konark takes the screenshots at random intervals between 5 to 15min. You can set these intervals according to your preference through the Konark dashboard.

Q. Where are screenshots stored?

Konark screenshots are stored securely. All the screenshots are stored on the AWS servers and are uploaded through SSL. You can access them anytime easily.

Q. Is my data secure with Konark?

Yes, absolutely. Your data is well protected and safe with us. Please be assured that we do not share your data with any third party whatsoever.

Q. How can I add employees to my account in Konark?

In order to add members to your Konark account, you have to be either a Company admin, user admin or the company owner. Go to Settings -> Team members section and look for the Add Team Member button.

Q. How can I log work time in Konark?

Konark only tracks the time when you are logged in automatically. Just open the Konark application, log-in and add tasks. One you start working, click on “Start timer”

Q. Does Konark track my activity when I am offline?

No! Konark only tracks your actions when you are logged in. Konark does not capture the screen or keep a track of your activity when you are logged out or offline.

Q. Can I have multiple admins?

Yes, you can add multiple admins as per your Konark plan. For more details connect with us here.

Q. How does Konark help with Invoices?

Konark enables you to get rid of manual timesheet preparation. Konark automatically generates these records with accurate clock-in and out timings.

Q. How many employees can I add to Konark?

Konark employee monitoring software allows managing an unlimited number of employees through its dashboard. Whether employees are working hybrid or remotely, you can keep track of their productivity.

Q. How can I access the Konark dashboard?

You can access your Konark dashboard by logging into your custom domain. Your custom domain will be similar to yourcompanyname.konarkpro.com

Q. I have a remote team. Can I use Konark?

Yes! Konark is suitable for remote, in-office and hybrid teams. No matter what the team type, management is easy now!

Q. How do I add project time to my invoice?

When creating an invoice, you can use the tracked project time from Konark to add worked hours directly into your invoice. To do so, click on the 'Add project time' button.

Q. How can I contact you for help?

You can connect with us by filling out this form.