Serenity in the Storm

June 27, 2024

Being a leader can be an exceedingly complicated job, leading to unnecessary stress and an unmanageable workload. Moreover, a lack of time management tools to streamline and organize business activities can increase stress over longer spans. The outcomes due to this stress result in frustration and overall projection of bad behavior, leading to missed deadlines and loss of productivity and focus. 

Moreover, managers who lack stress-management skills can behave hostile, developing a generic unsafe workplace environment for workers. According to Mental Health America, a whopping 83% of employees do not feel their workplace environment to be mentally or emotionally safe. And 82% disclosed to not recommend their current organization to their peers due to intolerable stress. 

Not only stressed leaders create an unproductive environment for themselves, but also their lack of attention to the team dynamics further escalates workplace conflicts, such as,

  • High staff turnover
  • More absence of employees due to sickness
  • Decreased performance
  • More complaints and grievances
  • More internal conflicts

Addressing these issues becomes crucial to increasing team engagement and maintaining sustained performance. 

Is Workplace Stress Really an Issue?

Yes, workplace stress is a real issue which is the core of other work-related problems. The effect of stress on leaders is even more dangerous as the pressure to perform well and achieve higher while climbing the ladders of success demands peace of mental well-being. 

This can be understood with a study conducted by Tom Nicholas, a Harvard Business School professor. In his study, involving 1,000 employees at General Electric, Schenectady, New York, he found that higher-level business executives die three to four years earlier than expected compared to lower-hierarchy workers. This leaves us speechless and reminds us that the corporate world can be a powerful source of mental exhaustion if the work and deadlines are left unmanaged. 

Employing time trackers is one of multiple time-management and productivity-enhancing strategies that works. 

But what is a time tracker and how does it work?

Let’s dive a little more.  

What Does a Time Tracker Do?

A time tracker is a virtual digital time management tool that helps individuals, managers, and even organizations learn about productivity and performance patterns of self or one’s employees. Additionally, it helps in budget and resource allocation for projects, overall project management, team collaboration, and performance analysis. 

As inferred by many, time trackers don’t transform an average worker into an above-average employee with par excellence performance. On the contrary, it helps in identifying the ebbs and flows in productivity to implement the right strategies, eventually meet the deadlines, and prevent job burnout. 

Konarkpro — An Intuitive Time Tracker to Manage Work and Stress! 

KonarkPro is a perceptive time management tool designed to possess unique capabilities to align the workforce and prioritize tasks. it promotes transparency, improves communication, increases productivity, surges profitability, enhances project management, and exhibits accuracy in bills and invoices. 

Benefits of KonarkPro

Being an ingenious time tracker, KonarkPro offers an exclusive range of benefits to managers and higher-level executives. These advantages vary from enhanced project management to effective team collaboration. 

Listed below are numerous upsides of KonarkPro. 

Reduced Stress

A well-performing team is nothing less than Dopamine for a team leader. KonarkPro helps reduce stress for managers and employers by streamlining tasks, allocating resources, increasing overall productivity, and enhancing team collaboration. Moreover, it helps employees strike the perfect work-life balance and allocate available time to reconnect with colleagues and bolster camaraderie. Contented and productive employees in turn act as mood lifters for managers, ensuring excellent performance and a higher number of deliverables, thereby reducing stress for managers. 

Managed Projects 

KonarkPro is efficient in managing project activities, like planning, task alignment, task prioritization, team supervision, scheduling and rescheduling meetups, and resource allocation. It gives managers opportunities to lift unnecessary burdens off their workforce and sustain optimal productivity. Collaborating on a single platform and seeking rapid project updates helps them leverage their teams’ productivity and adjust events and roadmap accordingly, diminishing stress from the workplace.

Improved Time Management

KonarkPro provides temporal insights by tracking time, enlightening leaders about their team’s peak performance, key responsibility areas (KRAs), milestones achieved, and targets met. These insights unlock the actionable data to create more optimal strategies for future projects, such as project scheduling, pricing, and time estimates. Employees with effective time management strategies tend to wrap up tasks before deadlines, de-stressing managers.

Prioritizes Tasks

KonarkPro helps is prioritizing tasks based on their profitability, achievability, and urgency. Employees tend to dedicate more time to petty tasks and less to important ones. This tendency takes a blow to productivity and spoils time management. Task prioritization is important for boosting productivity and completing projects on time, maintaining a steady progress line. Also, task prioritization is the primary step to learning time management skills. 

Increases Productivity

KonarkPro improves productivity output by casting a structure to operations and processes. 

It identifies inefficiency gaps, leverages productivity metrics, and scans the workforce’s performance regularly. Streamlined workflow, seamless collaboration, and secure project handling collectively increase productivity and maintain high orderliness during project management. 

Limits project costs 

KonarkPro archives information, such as past projects and user information for future reference and saving in future projects. Prioritizing tasks and improving productivity helps leaders leverage their resources and optimize their teams to save operational costs. Also, risk management helps minimize potential causes that may affect revenue and incur loss to businesses. 


Smooth workflow and optimal management are essential elements to operate a business successfully. Thus, time trackers have been intensively utilized by organizations since the onset of the pandemic. Nevertheless, coming as a ‘blessing in disguise,’ time trackers have benefitted employers more than anyone by maintaining mental peace amid the noise. They can monitor in-offices and remote workforces with a proficient time tracker like KonarkPro to attain adequate employee performance. 


What features does KonarkPro provide to its users?

  • Productivity measuring 
  • Automatic time tracking
  • Summary reports 
  • Remote and hybrid
  • Project management
  • Screen tracking

Who can use KonarkPro?

The current scenario of acute competition doesn’t discriminate between the users of KonarkPro. The versatile application can be used by many ambitious individuals, such as freelancers, project managers, and employers.