Time Doctor vs KonarkPro

May 16, 2024

With virtual time trackers flooding up like ocean waves, businesses find it challenging to select the most appropriate one that suits their organizational environment and safeguards their employees’ privacy. 

As businesses evolve in terms of infrastructure, staff size, and competitive demands, the need to keep a precise account of employees’ schedules and how they spend their time at the workplace becomes increasingly critical. It is when employing a virtual time tracker emerges as a necessity rather than a luxury. 

But why KonarkPro?

This blog presents a bold comparison between KonarkPro and Time Doctor that goes beyond surface-level evaluations, diving deep into the functionalities and capabilities of both virtual time trackers.  

Time Trackers — A Tested Solution for Time Theft 

Now, what is time theft?

Time theft is an unethical practice of using workplace time or resources for personal activities such as playing games, watching series, messaging, or any work not aligned with the organizational goal. It leads to unjustified payment to employees for the work they had not done. It decreases productivity, wastes financial resources, and hampers the organization from achieving its long-term objectives. The worrisome fact is that a whopping 43% of employees admit to doing it at the workplace according to DominionSystems

That’s when a time management tool must enter the picture. With the rise in remote work culture and the inclusion of flexitime, time management tools have emerged as effective tools in preventing time theft. Furthermore, these tools assist employees in brushing up on time management strategies. 

A time management tool is software designed to track, monitor, and record the activities of individuals while handling a task or a project. Simultaneously, it constantly computes the time spent on such activities and traces the location of individuals during work hours such as online websites, documents, sheets, etc. 

Let’s quickly dive into the notable features of a standard time management tool.

Key Features of Time Tracking Software

  • Task categorization, 
  • Project management integration, 
  • Reporting and analytics, 
  • Client collaboration, 
  • Billable hours, 
  • Project  timelines, 
  • Report generation, 
  • Productivity measurement, 
  • API access, 
  • Geolocation tracking,
  • Security features
  • Customizable alerts 

To conclude, a time tracker prevents time theft and ensures employees are compensated for performance instead of time spent in a professional setup. Furthermore, time trackers instill time management, productivity, accountability, and transparency in an organization. This intelligence can be utilized to make informed decisions and strategically optimize resource allocation.

KonarkPro—A Next-Gen Time Tracker for Next-Generation Businesses

KonarkPro is a flex-time manager with a myriad of features. This section will elaborate on the powerful features of KonarkPro.

Let’s dive in.

Features of KonarkPro

KonarkPro is the best time tracker with an intuitive approach that enables project managers to monitor their employees’ performance and optimize it to align with the company’s goals. Moreover, individuals like students and freelancers can leverage its metrics to track and assess their performance patterns without supervision. 

  • Automatic time tracking
  • Productivity measuring
  • Summary Reports
  • Remote and Hybrid
  • Project Management
  • Screen Tracking

Automatic time tracking

According to Deloitte, 30% of manual time entry and data adjustments are the two most time-consuming processes. Automatic tracking allows managers to analyze employees’ deliverables based on the keypad and mouse/touchpad activities. Automated and sensory-based starting and stopping of the time tracker removes the hassle of manually operating the tool. 

  • Project and task tracking
  • Smooth integration 
  • Idle time detection
  • Automated timesheets
  • Automated notifications
  • Actionable reports

Productivity measuring

KonarkPro enables project managers to leverage metrics, gain access to data-driven insights, and identify key performance indicators to optimize the team’s performance and drive desired results. By measuring productivity, project managers can streamline workflows and allocate resources precisely to enhance an employee’s/team’s output.  

  • Performance dashboards
  • Personalized productivity insights
  • Productivity reports
  • Performance trends and patterns
  • Efficiency analysis
  • Productivity scores

Summary reports

KonarkPro reports provide complete information about an employee’s/team’s performance throughout a timespan. This information may include regular updates about project management, reflecting on everything, from real-time productivity to platforms widely used while working. This cognizance supports an organization positively by analyzing the variables. 

  • Easy to export reports
  • Automated reporting
  • Trend analysis and comparison
  • Time reports for invoicing
  • Performance metrics breakdown
  • Individual performance reports

Remote and Hybrid 

KonarkPro empowers managers to track employees and teams with remote and hybrid work styles. Effortless performance evaluation through information-backed dashboards allows managers to allocate resources strategically, estimate future projects, track deadlines, create remote team accountability, and monitor overall productivity.

  • Login and logout tracking
  • Offscreen time tracking
  • Smart to-do lists
  • Productivity updates
  • Random screenshots
  • Resourceful dashboard

Project Management

The intuitive project management feature allows managers and executives to plan and streamline their projects and achieve real-time visibility to monitor and manage project timelines. From creating to assigning tasks, project management allows managers to address task management effortlessly. Besides, it enables businesses to streamline payroll processes, reduce errors, and generate accurate payslips, ensuring precise cost tracking and budget compliance. 

  • Project monitoring
  • Streamlined payroll
  • Task management 
  • Project Portfolio
  • Project budget tracking and control
  • Project budget planning

Screen Tracking

KonarkPro, a flex-time manager provides dynamic smart tracking without creating stressors for employees with multiple and frequent notifications for screenshots. 

  • Dynamic screenshots
  • Mouse and keyboard activity
  • Easy integration
  • Timely notifications
  • Privacy protection
  • Web usage tracking

What Sets KonarkPro Apart from Time Doctor?

KonarkPro is a premium alternative to Time Doctor due to its advanced and functional features. A primary advantage of subscribing to KonarkPro is its Starter Plan which makes it a perfect flex manager for individuals with financial constraints like students and freelancers.

Let’s dive into the features that distinguish KonarkPro from Time Doctor. 

Time Tracking 

Features  Time Doctor KonarkPro
Activity Monitoring Time Doctor doesn’t provide the activity rates but tracks the applications and websites users visit.  KonarkPro helps track the activity rate by monitoring the mouse and the keyboard usage. Moreover, it tracks the apps and the websites users visit. 
Screenshots  Time Doctor captures screenshots while users are using the application. KonarkPro captures screenshots but with the flexibility of adjusting the number of screenshots.
Dashboards Time Doctor provides the summary in three terms— total hours tracked, tasks on which the most time was spent, and apps and software visited the most.  KonarkPro helps display the most features on the dashboard, such as the total number of hours tracked, activity rates, budget tracking, timesheets, and more. KonarkPro’s dashboard is more flexible for managing teams, and projects, and evaluating timings.

Pricing Models

Features  Time Doctor KonarkPro
Free Plan Not Available. The Basic Plan starts at $5.9 per user per month. The plan offers user management, multiple access levels, individual user dashboards, customized projects, online/offline tracking, desktop apps, work schedules, and hours-tracked reports.  KonarkPro offers a free plan with basic features, perfect for freelancers. The plan provides basic features like time tracking, tasks, and project monitoring to manage teams effortlessly. 
Pro Plan Standard Plan at $8.4 per user per month. Apart from the features offered by the basic plan, this plan provides features like a team dashboard, silent tracking, productivity ratings, and idle time alerts.  The Pro plan has a fee of $7 per user per month. This plan provides unlimited screenshots and activity tracking. This plan is more cost-effective than the Time Doctor’s one.
Premium Plan Costs $16.7 per user per month. The premium plan offers all the features that the standard plan provides. Furthermore, the plan offers internet connectivity reports and automatic user provisioning.  Costs $10 per user per month. This plan provides all the features to managers, from tracking applications and URLs to summary reports with data-driven insights. 
Enterprise Plan Not available KonarkPro provides a custom pricing plan to enterprises based on staff strength. The price of this plan may vary. 

Time Tracking Features

Features Time Doctor  KonarkPro
Inactivity tracker Inactivity tracker helps in monitoring the idle time of users.  Advanced inactivity tracker stops the tracker and allows the recording of only productive time.
Analytics Reports Analytics reports help managers assess their team’s performance and productivity levels.    Analytics reports in KonarkPro information on diverse parameters, such as productivity levels, trend analysis, and performance metrics breakdown.
Create invoices/bills/payrolls Provides invoicing, billing, and generating payrolls.  It helps generate highly accurate invoices, bills, and payrolls, reducing errors in financial services.
Screenshots Unlimited screenshots.  Screenshots with adjustable frequency.
Editable timesheet Not Available. Managers can edit their team’s time in cases of communication gaps or urgent scenarios. 

Time Doctor and KonarkPro — A Quick Comparison

Feature Time Doctor KonarkPro
Automatic Time Tracking Available  Available
Productivity Measurement Available Available
Workload Measurement Available Available
Free Plan Not Available Available
Project Budgeting  Not Available Available
Invoicing  Not Available Available
Time off Not Available Available
Expense Tracking Not Available Available
Geofencing Not Available Available
Free Plan Not Available Available


In a nutshell, employing traditional time-tracking software at the workplace is insufficient contemporarily. Emerging competitive demands, time theft at the workplace, and unexplored productivity are persuading factors to make time trackers an integral component of a business environment. 

Being a competitive, user-friendly, and highly efficient time-tracking software in the marketplace, KonarkPro emerges as a one-stop solution to resolve performance-oriented conflicts, streamline workflow, and boost operational efficiency. 


What are the benefits of tracking time at work?

Time tracking is an essential element of a company’s work culture where employees’ performance is constantly monitored with an advanced and automated approach. Additionally, tracking projects and deadlines helps increase the operational efficiency of an organization. 

Why is KonarkPro better than other commercial time trackers?

KonarkPro offers a comprehensive suite of features, allowing users to improve productivity, enhance delivery speed, and manage projects and tasks effortlessly. Moreover, a free basic plan, a 14-day trial period, reports and analytics, and manual timesheet editing are other aspects that enhance the efficiency of KonarkPro.