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May 22, 2024

In recent years, modern workplaces have transformed significantly. From enforcing flexible work styles like remote and hybrid to aggressively integrating virtual tools for enhanced collaboration and communication, companies are taking a strategic leap to do everything to align the workforce’s productivity with organizational goals. 

A time tracker provides a gamut of functionalities—productivity measuring, automatic time tracking, project management, activity tracking & performance-related insights to employers and project managers that facilitate precise time tracking and effective workforce management.

KonarkPro – A One-Fit-for-All Solution for Organizational Time Tracking

KonarkPro is an intuitive, user-driven, ingenious, and easy-to-operate time management tool that simplifies filling manual timesheets, counting billable hours for employers, scrutinizing employee performance, and optimizing productivity levels to drive maximum productive effort. 

Let’s explore the powerful features of KonarkPro.

Features of KonarkPro — Unlock the Power of Manageable Time Tracking

Automatic time tracking 

KonarkPro tracks employees’ time on diverse tasks, activities, and projects during work hours. This tracking may include monitoring activities like opening and closing applications, visiting websites & URLs, and recording idle time.  Moreover, the auto-start and auto-stop features based on sensory movements minimize the need to operate manually. 

Automatic time tracking

The image below clearly illustrates how KonarkPro tracks the active members and their current status. 

Productivity measuring 

KoanrkPro enables managers to monitor the employee/team activities and performance in-depth and comprehend the vital points to assess productivity, time management, high productivity phases, inefficiencies, work patterns, data analysis, and insights. 

Time tracking summary reports

The image depicts how effortlessly KonarkPro classifies team members into highly and least productive users. 

Summary reports

Visually comprehensible summary reports allow managers to gain valuable insights about their employees. By tracking project progress, evaluating performance, and identifying bottlenecks and areas of improvement, seniors can provide targeted feedback to optimize workflow and increase overall productivity. 

Time tracking summary reports

KonarkPro reports display the client name, total hours worked,  and user name. This information helps optimize time management skills and achieve fiats without burnout. 

Monitoring remote and hybrid teams

Developed to aid optimal workforce and time management when remote and hybrid work styles were urgent requirements during the pandemic. KonarkPro surfaced as an effective tool to monitor employees remotely, allocate tasks, schedule meetings, and collaborate effortlessly. Managers can assess every aspect of remote and hybrid teams’ productivity. According to Forbes, 71% of remote workers realized their professional and personal lives are poised with the incoming of a time tracker which introduces more flexibility in their remote work schedule. 

Remote and hybrid

With a plethora of features like time log mode, user names, administrative roles, ongoing projects, last recorded time, project progress, and actions, KonarkPro enables monitoring of comprehensive features and real-time updates. 

Project management

Manual project management through notebooks and spreadsheets can give rise to miscalculations. The hassle of dealing with extensive financial data is another reason to enforce KonarkPro into business systems, driving more transparency and accountability. Project managers can hassle-free set realistic goals and track their team’s time management and progress. 

Project management time tracking

Screen tracking

This feature allows managers to stay informed about the URLs, applications, and websites their teams/employees visit during work hours. Regular and dynamic screen capturing helps maintain organizational control over employee activities and instills a sense of self-awareness and responsibility toward the company’s growth.  

Screen tracking

Invoice generation

Automating accurate invoice generation is an expedited way to process bills and limit manual calculation mistakes. Tracking sales or purchases, accounting, payment statuses, due dates, balances, tax calculations, usage-based product billings, subscription billings, and custom billings are exquisite features offered by KonarkPro that minimize errors and accelerate the invoicing process in no time. 

Invoice gen

Project Status

Employers can monitor the project status, such as whether the projects are in progress, live, on hold, or finished. The project dashboard showcases the information of the project stakeholders like client name, manager, members, team productivity, and actions. 

Project Status

Integrated Calendar

An integrated calendar helps consider day-offs and holidays before assigning future projects or scheduling events. Upcoming meetings and deadlines can be effortlessly managed and rescheduled in gridlock situations. Creating events and synchronizing teams is another hassle-free strategy to keep the members informed and align with the project requirements. 


Activity Logs

An activity log helps managers track the activities of employees and teams, facilitating them to implement suitable measures, optimize performance, and gain powerful control over the entire operational workflow effortlessly. 

Activity logs


Using a time tracker is a requirement of the rising demand for agility and employee productivity. As time is the most powerful resource and its strategic use can bring in massive ROI, implementing a perceptive time tracker like KonarkPro is an effective strategy to ensure multiple benefits, smooth workforce management, and hassle-free organizational governance.


Can KonarkPro provide me with insights into my productivity?

Yes, KonarkPro provides in-depth insights into a worker’s temporal behavior. These insights help employees assess their time management strategies and help them overcome productivity slumps with consistent efforts.

Why filling timesheets is important?

Companies generate payroll slips based on billable hours served by employees. Timesheets ensure workers are paid their dues without errors.