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Who are we?

We are a team of enthusiastic industry professionals with over ten years of experience developing and designing software solutions for businesses everywhere in the world. We at KonarkPro strive to help businesses and their teams grow faster, better, and easier.

Why does your business need KonarkPro?

Businesses across the globe are using KonarkPro and accelerating their growth

  • Manage your resources efficiently without much hassle
  • Visualize your team and their workflow
  • Transparent project development progress tracking
  • Generate timesheets more conveniently
  • Calculated and accurate productivity reports
  • Smart and secure internet usage monitoring
  • Track time spent away from the desktop

Stop stalling and start tracking with KonarkPro!

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KonarkPro: Centuries tracked within a wheel

KonarkPro gets its name from the wheel at the Konark Sun temple used for centuries to track time accurately.

Various theories have been upheld the significance of the Konark wheel. As they suggest, the seven horses signify the days of the week, and the 12 pairs of wheels are the 12 months of the year. The 24 wheels represent 24 hours of a day, and the eight major spokes are the eight prayers.

We are inspired from from the accuracy, efficiency, and legacy of the Konark wheel and strive to do justice to the great name.

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How did it start?

Amidst the new normal, we at KonarkPro were introduced to the remote work culture and the hurdles that came with it. Low productivity, imbalanced work hours, and micromanagement troubled us all. These challenges came to us as an opportunity, and the idea behind KonarkPro sparked. We designed and developed KonarkPro as a tool that will make hybrid & remote team management easy. The results were astonishing as our aggregate team productivity boosted, and we could record more work hours.

How is it going?

Digitization has made a huge difference & everything is moving faster than ever. With KonarkPro, employees are focused on responsibility, straightforwardness, and reasonableness. KonarkPro is a product designed to increase efficiency in an open and empowering environment. Boosting employees and inspiring them to perform at 100% of their potential.

Journey of Growth & Automation with KonarkPro